Gas & electricity

In the Netherlands the same provider supplies the gas and electricity. The Dutch energy market was privatised years ago, and there are now many providers. Customers can choose their own supplier, but those operating in the community may limit the choice. You’ll find an overview of the suppliers here.

Good to know

It is important to quickly arrange gas and electricity in a new home. Power is usually kept on for the first few days, but it will be switched off as soon as the previous occupants close their account. When moving into a new home, note the meter reading and notify the energy supplier.

Emergency failures

If there is an malfunction you can call the national number for gas and electricity failures 24/7:
0800 – 9009 (free).

Compare services

To choose a supplier, you can use the website ‘energy comparator’:

The major energy suppliers (all in Dutch unfortunately)

  • Eneco energie
    Customer service (8 am to 6 pm): 0900 – 0201 (€0,45 per call)
  • Oxxio
    Customer service (8:30 am to 7 pm): 0900 – 55 66 777 (€0,55 per call)
  • EnergieDirect
    Customer service (9 am to 5 pm): 0900 – 33 47 328 (€0,70 per call)
  • Nuon
    Customer service (8 am to 6 pm): 0900 0808 (only regular costs)
  • Essent
    Customer service(8 am to 8 pm): 0900 1550 (€ 0,35 per call)
  • Eon
    Customer service (8 am to 5:50 pm): 0900 – 0601 (€ 0,45 per call)
  • Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij
    Customer service: 088-7307307 (only regular costs)


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