Internet & TV connection

There are many internet & tv suppliers. It is possible to connect tv and internet separately, however most suppliers offer packages, which are cheaper than separate connection.

Supply check

First check which supplier has connections at your address, because not all suppliers are able to make a connection in every area. This is possible via the website (in Dutch).

It can take 2 to 4 weeks for the Internet and TV to be set up. Therefore keep in mind to arrange these connections as soon as possible.

Arrange in shop

If you need Internet & TV immediately, it is also an option to visit the Ziggo store (address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 79). They can give you a modem, which you can install straight away. You need to bring the following documents to the Ziggo shop: passport, salary statement and an official document on which your address is stated.

Internet & TV suppliers

Here is a short list of the renowned suppliers in the Netherlands:

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