Water supply

Here’s a short guide in how to arrange your water supply when you just moved to Amsterdam or The Hague. In most cases the water is already connected, but if not you can find out how to set it up.

Water in Amsterdam

Most accommodations are already connected to the supply of drinking water provider Waternet, and can be used immediately. A water meter in the home measures consumption. You will be sent a form each year requesting the current meter reading. Some houses in Amsterdam have 1 meter for the whole building. In this case Waternet calculates a fixed amount for water usage on the basis of the average usage. This amount has to be paid directly to Waternet or through your landlord.

Contact Waternet

Customer service (8 am – 7 pm): 0900 93 94
Calling from abroad:+31 889 39 40 00
Website (in English): https://www.waternet.nl/about-waternet
Current malfunctions (in Dutch): https://m.waternet.nl/klantenservice/meldingen-storingen
Ask questions online (in Dutch): https://www.waternet.nl/contact

Water in The Hague

In The Hague the water supply is arranged by Dunea. They are responsible for a big part of the area of Zuid-Holland.

Contact Dunea NV

Customer service: 0900 – 0787
Report malfunctions: +31 883 47 47 47
E-mail: info@dunea.nl
Website: www.dunea.nl
Frequently asked questions (in Dutch): https://www.dunea.nl/klantenservice/veelgestelde-vragen